General issues that define any project

As you can tell, the design phase of projects is more complex than it seems at first. In fact, it is almost always sown the success or failure of it and its real possibilities of contribution.

– Now I understand what this doctor feels! (Continued) That’s what he wanted to convey to me … He does not want me to be a commercial anymore, he wants someone to help him search, to investigate a possible solution that will help him save lives Now I realize! My job is not to sell drugs, it’s to help save lives! Tomorrow I’m going to visit him and I’ll ask him what he needs from me to save the life of his JuanMa. Yes, yes … I will. Thank you all

In the rest of his classmates, a mixture of satisfaction and responsibility was drawn to this new vision of his work.

The goal had been achieved. A companion had facilitated them to experience the power of storytelling in their own flesh. Like storytelling, it helps connect with one’s own emotions and those of others, and how it facilitates our capacity for influence and persuasion.

With which of all these business ideas for young people do you stay? Do not tell us; think about it a bit more and then, just run it!

Now, do not forget that not only do you have to explain and describe your project, but it is also necessary to argue why it is good. This is where we play the most. Many project presentations are emotive and rich from the visual perspective, but inefficient in their argumentation. Your task is to find the balance between these two elements.

The fulfillment of the main objective defines the end of any project. However, that does not mean that the work of the Project Manager and his collaborators ends there. It is necessary to estimate if there was an erroneous estimation of the budget, a bad use of resources, duplication of tasks, among others.

Resources: do we have what is necessary?

Do not forget to take an inventory of the resources that you already have and those that you still need to get. At this point it is essential to create a budget with which you can visualize the costs for each iteration and the general costs.

Finally, keep in mind that other aspects that you should consider when defining how to develop a project is the communication model, which will help the flow and the opportunity of information among the members of it.

If you are interested in endorsing your knowledge and experience as a junior project manager, you can start preparing now to take your exam and achieve the CAPM certification, which is valid for a 5 year cycle.

What do you think of our business plan example? Is it like the one you intend to make for your business idea? Tell us about your experience!

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