Keys on how to present a project before an audience

We have all wondered how to present a project to a specific audience. It is a common challenge among management professionals who must convince their superiors, business partners or financing agents to bet on the initiatives they lead. You sound familiar?

Well, in the next post we invite you to know some recommendations to face this key moment for your projects, regardless of the field, branch, discipline or field in which you develop.

How to present a project: first, the audience

Of all the elements that you must take into account when considering how to present a project, without a doubt the most relevant is the audience you are addressing.

Each audience is different. It is not the same to do the presentation of a project before a group of senior executives and business managers that before an audience in which the first university students of Economics prevail.

The public depends, among other things, on the presentation format of the project as such, the setting, the language you use at the moment of explaining it, your personal presentation as Project Manager and up to the duration of the event.

Recommendations on how to present a project

However, let’s leave aside the singularities of each case and enter fully into the general elements that can not be missing at the time of presenting your project. Are you ready? Prepare your agenda and take note:
1. Put special emphasis on the first words:

The first words are the most important of your speech. They are the ones that break the ice, those that are called to capture the attention of those who listen to you. As a result of what they hear (and mainly how they hear it), your interlocutors will decide if they stay to listen to you or if they get up from the chair.
2. Avoid the topics when addressing the audience:

There is nothing that generates more apathy and boredom than topics. It uses a stimulating, original language that awakens sensations among those who hear you. Keep in mind that most audiences are emotional and are waiting to be surprised.
3. Use metaphors and resources that draw attention:

Another resource that you can use at the moment of presenting your project are the metaphors or the examples, which help you to land concepts and which, in front of the public, are a good tool to visualize what you are telling. The more visual a project is, the more likely it is to be understood by the audience you are targeting.

We hope that these keys are useful for you when you decide to present a project to an audience. Are you ready for it?

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