Philosophy Desing Thinking, how to apply it in your business?

The Desing Thinking is much more than a concept. It is a whole philosophy (in Spanish: design thinking) that has been implemented in recent years in many companies in order to create products and services more consistent with the needs of users, who are recognized as part active of the process.

Innovation and creativity are two fundamental elements for this, because what is involved is to create products that transform the dynamics of the market and opt for a better positioning within it.

Additionally, a second idea implied by Desing Thinking is to achieve a clear differentiation from the rest of the brands competing in a commercial scenario and, at the same time, to adopt a more prominent and leading role.

Apply the Desing Thinking, where do I start?

That the Desing Thinking is a relatively recent concept does not mean that only companies that come from traditional methods of management should adapt to it. Also the so-called native companies have to closely follow the fundamental characteristics of this philosophy.

Regardless of the industry or the sector of commerce where your business is performed, there are a number of keys that you can not ignore at the time of implementation. Do you want to know them? Pay attention to the following list:

Empathy towards the users:

Desing Thinking differs from other market research methods in that it does not reduce consumers to cold figures or data. On the contrary, it seeks as close as possible to people, who are, in short, the main source of marketing. That is when you must put yourself in their place and try to experience the need they demand.

Identify latent needs in the market:

People are the source, but not the need as such. Therefore, after you have approached people enough it is necessary that you make an analysis of the situation and make clear what the demands of that market are really. This is when the areas of opportunity or business options are glimpsed

Define solutions for the needs:

If you have a clearly defined need or problem, the next thing is to work on your solution. Desing Thinking encourages teamwork in this phase so that many visa points are heard, because solutions can come from where we least expect it. This philosophy is first of all interdisciplinary.

Prototype design:

Finally, the highlight of the application of Desing Thinking comes: when designing the proposal or implementing the improvements. This can have both digital and physical support. The important thing is that the consumer comes in contact with him and that your marketing department gets the necessary feedback. A fairly frequent example of Desing Thinking at this stage corresponds to the launch of a new product or its re-launch with added qualities.

Now that you know what this issue is about, are you ready to implement Desing Thinking in your business? Make up your mind; Innovation is the way!

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