What are the requirements to obtain the CAPM certification?

If the directors with ample business experience have the title of Professional Project Manager (PMP), the junior project managers have the CAPM certification (Associated Certification in Project Manager).

This degree, of an international nature, recognizes and endorses candidates who have little experience in the sector in relation to the domain of practices, tools and methodologies in project management, or even for those who want to start a career demonstrating a certificate issued by the Project Manager Institute (PMI).

In fact, many candidates consider the CAPM certification the previous step to the title of Professional Project Manager.

CAPM certification, what do you need?

The official translation into Spanish of the PMI of the CAPM certification is that of Certified Technician in Project Management. As in the rest of the titles that are issued by this entity, an international leader in the matter, a series of requirements is required to obtain and certify it.

These requirements are related to the experience of each junior candidate and, of course, to their level of training in project management. Let’s know them carefully:

1. Candidates with work experience:

Applicants who have already entered the project management area will be asked for a minimum of 1500 hours of direct experience as part of a project team, whatever their area or discipline. To this must be added a level test or certification exam designed directly by the PMI.

2. Candidates without work experience:

To supply, in this case, the lack of experience of the aspirants, the PMI asks them to do a training on project management whose duration is 23 hours, as well as the exam described in the previous section.

How is the exam to obtain the CAPM certification?

The exams are an indispensable requirement for any degree that is issued by the PMI. This institution considers that it is an important filter to measure the skills, abilities and knowledge of the candidates and, as a result, assess their entry into the lists of professionals recognized internationally by this entity.

The CAPM certification is not the exception. The professionals of the PMI have designed a test to measure the level of the candidates, in this case of the junior category or who do not have significant experience in the area. Said examination consists of:

A total of 150 test questions, to which you must respond within a maximum period of 3 hours, whether you do the exam in physical format or if you choose the digital platform for it.
Not all the questions contribute for the total score: 15 of them are introductory to the test ;, the other 135 are the ones that can be scored for the overall exam.

All the questions follow the format of central statement and 4 possible answers between which you must choose the correct one.

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